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Fun Glider Flights

Do you want to try something new this weekend?

Maybe you’ve always been interested in aeroplanes or are thinking of aviation as a hobby?

Come and fly with us. Discover the thrill of gliding on an Air Experience Flight (AEF).

Find out why we ask ourselves: Why should birds have all the fun?


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Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

You can learn to fly with us.

We provide free instruction to Club members.

All training flights are provided in two-seat, dual control gliders with our friendly, fully qualified volunteer instructors.

You can start learning from age 15, and there is no upper age limit. If you’re fit enough to drive a car you’re probably fit to learn to fly gliders.


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Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

We welcome new member enquiries.

We are a passionate and energetic group of aviation enthusiasts. We love being around aircraft, flying, learning more about them and taking care of them.

Our members come from all backgrounds including: builders, students, engineers, labourers, nurses, retirees, computer programmers, priests, farmers, doctors, electricians, airline pilots, teachers and more.


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A briefing before a training flight.

Our Club

Geelong Gliding Club Inc. Australia's Premier Gliding Club, since 1929.

We offer safe, affordable sport aviation at Bacchus Marsh Airfield near Melbourne and at other sites each year.

The Club is a voluntary non-profit organisation with facilities for training interested members of the public in the sport of gliding.

We aim to train pilots to fly and then to enjoy safe cross-country and other forms of soaring flight.


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